Could a 4 day week help us get back to work safer?

As businesses around the world begin to reopen amid the novel coronavirus (COVD-19) pandemic, the question of how people can get back to work safer is of great importance. As more individuals come into contact, there is a big risk that coronavirus cases could surge again, which can lead to shutting down of businesses the second time. For many people, the work environment will look quite different for a while, and some are thinking of creative ways to help reduce possible infection.

One interesting proposal is the "10-4” approach, as created by researchers from the Weizmann Institute in Israel and the London School of Economics.

The premise of this idea is that people could go to work for four days on-site, then followed by 10 days at home to reduce possible infection. If they got sick during their 10 days off, they won’t go back to work for their next 4-days shift. Why? It takes an average of three (3) days for a person infected with coronavirus before they can infect someone else.

According to Ron Milo, a professor at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, “The idea is that people will work in two-week cycles. They will be on the job for four days, and by the time they might become infectious, they will be at home in lockdown for 10 days. This will significantly decrease the number of cases resulting from each infection and thus gives a feasible strategy for a return to economic activity that can prevent a second wave of COVID-19.”

Industrial and manufacturing companies require people to be present in order to operate. In this type of business, to ensure continuous operation and predictable production, it was suggested that employees work in alternating groups. The workforce will be divided into two (2) teams or groups, which don’t overlap. By having fewer people present on-site, at the factory or warehouse, at a given time it will help reduce possible infection.

Are you planning to implement this ‘10-4’ model in your warehouse or factory? Please share your thoughts with us via email on how you are planning to adopt this 4-day week approach in your facilities. We would incorporate your responses or inputs, with credits (citing your name and company) in our follow-up blog.

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