Importance of Housekeeping and Cleanliness in Your Warehouse or Factory

Your warehouse or factory is where all your services begin and is a critical part of your business. Neglecting basic and regular housekeeping leads to blocked aisles and exits, cluttered storage spaces, trips and falls and disorganised inventory.

In addition, many warehouses are evolving to be distribution centres, so instead of mainly storing products, customers and potential partners are now coming to your workplace. In this scenario, creating a good impression is a must to let them know that you are serious about your business.

Let’s explore in detail the importance of regular housekeeping and cleanliness:

1. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Good housekeeping results in more effective use of space and reduced handling to ease the flow of materials. When items and materials are neatly arranged and organised, it is easier for your staff to locate what they are looking for. When you regularly clean your space, you’ll be amazed at the extra space and supposedly missing items, tools or inventory that turn up. There is also better control of tools, equipment and materials, including your inventory and supplies.

2. Prevents Workplace Accidents

A cluttered, dirty warehouse floor can lead to accidents, such as trips and falls. It could block aisles, stairways, exits and designated walkways for pedestrians and forklift vehicles. Regular housekeeping could prevent these accidents from happening and it will also decrease fire hazards.

3. Improved Health of Employees

Regular housekeeping leads to more hygienic conditions and a healthier atmosphere, which improves the health of your employees. It lowers exposure to hazardous products, such as dust and vapours, which can cause breathing problems and can trigger asthma. A dirty warehouse may also attract mice and other vermin that are disease carriers, which could harm your employees and damage your products and structure. Moreover, a healthier environment results in fewer sick days and improved employee morale, which would definitely benefit your business.

4. Positive Image For Your Company

A clean and organised warehouse or factory has an impact on how other people see you and your business. The appearance and condition of your workspace is a key first impression when a new employee, prospective client or potential partner enters. Good housekeeping habits will display your business in a positive light.

Envirobridge specialist cleaning teams can handle deep cleaning services, achieved to a benchmark standard. We are fully trained in the use of specialised industrial floor cleaning equipment, from sweeping and scrubbing to power washing. We even use manual hand cleaning where required and use our own range of environmentally friendly enzyme cleaning products wherever possible.

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