Prevent Warehouse Accidents

Helpful Tips to Prevent Warehouse Accidents

If you are managing a warehouse, safety is a crucial aspect to your business. Common warehouse accidents can put your employees and company at risk. However, these accidents can be prevented with proper maintenance and safety practices.

Here are ways to avoid warehouse accidents and to create a safer environment for your employees:

1. Ensure pallet racks safety

When pallet racks aren’t arranged and stored in a safe and orderly way, these can collapse, causing serious injuries or even death. There are ways to reduce pallet rack collapse accidents, here are our tips:

2. Prevent slips and trips

Slip and trip accidents are also very common in a warehouse. The most common causes of slips and trips are liquid spills, poor lighting, unsecured mats, stray cables and scattered loose items in walkways.

To prevent these types of accidents, make sure to clear the workspace of any obstacles, immediately clean up spills on the floor, regularly check lighting and change burnt-out light bulbs as soon as possible.

3. Wear protective gears at all times

If required for their job and prior to the employee commencing work, make sure they are wearing the correct shoes and protective gear in the appropriate way.

4. Education and training

Making safety a part of the company culture as well as proper education and training will benefit the company in the long term. One way is to conduct a comprehensive education and training program for employees to learn about cleaning, maintenance and safety - such as lifting techniques, handling and storing harmful chemicals, how to safely use machines and proper cleaning and organising procedures in the warehouse.

Envirobridge specialist cleaning teams keep safety at the front of their minds every time they carry out deep cleaning services. Our cleaning is always carried out to a benchmark standard, meaning you don’t need to worry about your next inspection. Whether it is high level warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning or comprehensive industrial floor cleaning (in occupied areas or empty areas), we aim to work with you to make sure that the end product presents a sparkling clean professional image to your public and customers.

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