Smart Ways to Achieve Warehouse Improvements

If you are managing a warehouse, it is essential to the success of your company that you find ways to make improvements, from receiving goods through to the shipping process. As your business grows, so will your customers’ demands. This will further complicate your warehouse and stock management systems. If you are unable to meet customer demands it could result in a decline in profits. With a bit of forward thinking and careful planning and these easy to implement warehouse improvements, your business will continue to grow:

1. Regular warehouse audit

Carrying out regular audits means that a warehouse is functioning efficiently and safely, as well as ensuring quality is maintained and best practice is implemented. It should be conducted by an independent person, either than from within the company. Before an audit is undertaken, it is important that the purpose of the audit is explained well to the employees and results shared with them so that improvements can be made. This allows for employees to take ownership of the improvements necessary.

2. Measure results

We’ve heard the saying by Peter Drucker, “What gets measured gets managed” and it’s true. Accountability and measurement results of warehouses operations and employee performance are critical to improving warehouse productivity and efficiency. Most employees want to know what is expected of them and how they are performing. However, it is critical to remember that standard labor measurement should be as current as possible and based on the current warehouse operations.

3. Adopt a standard way of doing work

As your warehouse and customer demands grow and new employees are hired, having a uniform system and process becomes key. It is a challenge to integrate new people into your company if there are no well-documented policies and no standard ways of performing work. Uniform policies and processes are important in order to reduce errors, to improve products and implement better systems.

4. Consider hiring an industrial cleaning professional

A dirty, cluttered and disorganised warehouse reflects lack of discipline and process. Management should lead by example and enforce regular cleaning and organisation. Accidents and incidents, such as slips and falls, can also be prevented if the work area and floors are clean and well-maintained at all times. To achieve warehouse improvements, it is best that cleaning and maintenance work is handled by professionals who are equipped with the latest equipment, products, training, insurance and health & safety know-how to ensure that the job is accomplished well.

Envirobridge specialist cleaning teams can handle deep cleaning services, achieved to a benchmark standard. Whether it is high level warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning or comprehensive industrial floor cleaning, in occupied areas or empty areas, we aim to work with you to make sure that the end cleaning product presents a sparkling clean professional image to your public and customers.

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