Why You Should Be Cleaning with Enzymes

If you are looking for ecologically-friendly cleaning products, you might want to consider enzyme-based cleaners or “enzymatic cleaners”.

But what are enzymatic cleaners and where can you use them?

Enzymatic cleaners make use of proteins known as enzymes. An enzyme is a substance produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. This substance bonds to specific molecules found in fats, proteins, and sugars to break them down, makes it work quickly to remove stain, grease, oil, dirt, odours and clean up messes.

You can use enzyme cleaners on soft surfaces like carpets, fabrics, rugs, upholster, etc. Moreover there are enzyme cleaners designed for plastics, wood, and other surfaces. But it is important to take note that enzymes are not universally binding and cleaning agent. It means that you need to use an enzymatic cleaner designed for a particular purpose in order for it to work.

One major difference between conventional chemical products and enzyme-based cleaners is that the latter perform residual cleaning. Enzymatic reactions are millions of times faster than conventional chemical products. This means that after you’ve applied the cleaner on an area, the product is still working and they continue to clean. On non-porous surfaces, enzymatic cleaners can go through areas where traditional cleaners cannot penetrate.

With all its benefits, enzymatic cleaners are an excellent choice for a non-toxic and all-natural cleaning tool. They are a safe, healthy alternative for all of your cleaning needs. They are not only safe for the environment, but are also not harmful to human health. Nausea, dizziness, wa-tery eyes, breathing problems and headaches caused by chemical cleaners are minimized or eliminated. It works well if you make use of it with other ecologically-friendly cleaning practices.

Same as white vinegar, lemon juice can kill molds, germs and bacteria. It removes tarnish, cuts grease, dissolves wax build-up and removes dirt from wood surfaces.

Envirobridge sell a range of enzymatic industrial cleaning products . Moreover, the Envirobridge team is fully trained to use these products along with the Health & Safety and Environmental cleaning standards. We strongly believe that a greener clean is a better clean, so we stand by our promise to help the environment in any way we can.

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