Air Conditioning Service & Cleaning

Air conditioning service & cleaning

Air conditioning service & cleaning

Keeping your aircon unit and equipment cleaned and properly maintained is essential for meeting health and safety standards. It is also proven that the cost of keeping your aircon unit and equipment clean is more than offset by the savings gained from increased unit productivity and lower energy costs.

A regular air conditioning service and clean reduces the circulation of bad odours and pathogens from slime build-up over time. This reduces staff sickness, increases productivity and crucially maintains food safety hygiene levels.

We use green cleaning methods and products wherever possible and we are certified Safe Contractors specializing in the cleaning of food production units and cool climate cleaning.

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, working until you are completely satisfied with our service. Nobody else in the industry does this!

Evaporator Cleaning

Sludge and slime builds up inside the drain lines over time. When they eventually become blocked up with this bacteria-infested grime, the defrost water will be unable to run away from the evaporator pads. This will send contaminated water running back over the pads and eventually covering staff and products below with a bacteria-laden mist!

Condenser Cleaning

Condensing units blocked by debris, dust, dirt and pollen can have costly effects. Not only will the condensing units consume more energy due to greater strain on the component parts, it will also decrease the overall life expectancy of the condensing unit leading to greater restoration and replacement costs. Regular cleaning by qualified professionals provides a cost saving solution to this ongoing problem.

Air conditioning service & cleaning

A regular air conditioning service and clean will reduce unpleasant odours and increase efficiency. Envirobridge are available for regular maintenance cleaning air conditioning service for planned preventative approaches, maintaining cooling systems equipment and hygiene levels on a regular basis. We provide quotes free of charge and we only leave when the job is done to the highest possible standards. We work 24/7 to fit around you, so you can be sure we cause minimum disruption to your output times.